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Established 1995

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Embroidery by design was established in 1995, primarily set up as a large volume commission embroiderer, serving the fashion industry. 

a family business

Somewhere amongst the noisy machines and the fun atmosphere, stand a husband and wife; the founders and operators of Embroidery by Design. We share over 60 years of combined experience in the industry,

We are your embroidery specialists, offering a bespoke, comprehensive, and personal service.

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What makes us special


Our passion

Our business thrives from the passion that we share, for the service that we provide. Our passion is reflected in our work. 




Our enthusiasm

We combine our enthusiasm for embroidery with the personality of your designs.




Focus on quality

We are fanatical about quality.  If you are looking for a company who are as keen for it to look good as you are, contact us today

Our approach and our values


Patient and accurate

  • We are patient and have an eye for detail.
  • We take time to ensure an accurate translation of the design you provide us. 
  • We work on a unique order-basis,
  • Our pricing strategy isn't fixed, and nor is the scaling of the orders we are willing to accept




High quality machines

  • We have in our possession  two modern state of the art Tajima Xpanta machines.
  • Very few embroidery companies use these.  
  • These speciilist machines ensure that the production of large-scale and bespoke designs, is completed to the highest standard. The productive capacity of the machines means we are able produce large sized  designs within tight timescales.




Customised service 

  • Every job we do is different and each of our customers are different. We pride ourselves in listening well and producing a product and a service that delights our customers.
  • We like to treat our clients as we would like to be treated. One to one service from start to finish.



The design conversion


The design or logo that you require to be embroidered has to be converted to stitches. The conversion of this art work is called digitising. For this we need to know the material that the final embroidery is to be stitched onto, whether it's leather, poly-cotton, silk or anything else!

We also require a good quality and high resolution image as a jpeg or gif so that we can interpret the detail of your design (on some occasions a letterhead would suffice).

If you do not have any of the above we have a library of 20,000 digitized designs which cover a huge range of subjects. We can use these and tailor them to your personal preferences, for example by adding your chosen text.

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The embroidery process

Having digitized your design, we then run of a sample on the embroidery machine. At this stage we can see how true to the original design the embroidery is, and if any alterations are required. Then, we submit this for your approval. You can either come in to see the sample, or alternatively, we can post or email this to you. Once you have approved the sample, and are happy with the design, we will embroider it onto the garments or panels. We store all designs on file, for your future repeat orders. 


 Extra large embroidery in Perivale and West London


We are located in Perivale, West London. 


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