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Established 1995

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Most of our embroidery work is done on our multi-head machines. The embroidery area of our Tajima Xpanta Machines is as large as 1200mm by 520mm. Hence, we are able to work efficiently, covering a lot of space in a short period of time. The large embroidery area of the machines makes them ideal for bespoke embroidery work. We take pride in the quality of its production.




Features of our services

Bespoke embroidery is overall our most popular service. Our clients rave about the bespoke products we embroider for them, as we can guarantee the best result in England, with our unique multi-head machines.

We have been recognised for this, and our work is now appearing on media productions.




 Key Bespoke services




Quilting is a great way to add another dimension to your bespoke pieces. Quilted fabrics feel great to touch, and they are ideal for bedding and chair backs- where comfort and luxury matters!





We are able to produce large-scale flags with a variety of colours, using several techniques if requested. They are not our most frequent order, but we are capable of producing them and have had great feedback in the past





Banners are very well produced on our multi-head machines. We are now equipped and capable of producing banners as big as 1000cm by 800cm. depending on the nature of your design.