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Large scale embroidery at its finest

We specialize in large scale embroidery and a great example of the type of work we can produce can be seen in our many banners.






A great banner embroidery example

For the consecration of the Metropolitan Grand Stewards Lodge 9812 in 2005, Embroidery by design were proud to make and embroider the Bible cushion, Secretariat table cloth, and logo Alms Bags. Following this, when we asked to create a banner for the Lodge to mark its 10th anniversary, we were honoured!

To do this, we used a rich velvet as the base fabric, and appliquéd a silk-ribboned border onto the top and bottom of the banner. This was done to achieve a luxurious finish. The threads used throughout embroidering this piece, were a combination of multi-coloured metallic threads, all of the highest quality. We then finished the banner edges with gold piping and bullion fringing.

After proudly producing this piece, we have welcomed the production of banners to Embroidery by Design


 your banners

We are not often commissioned on the production of banners, yet we are still able to accomplish a magnificent and professional appearance. 

  • We are now equipped and capable to produce banners as big as 1000cm by 800cm, depending on the nature of your design
  • The most frequent materials used for banner production are valour or velvet, each with polyester lining and fringing.
  • Banners are also provided with an elegant hanging chord for placement.
  • There is also a wide variety of choice available for the colours of your banner



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