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Fashion embroidery has always been the foundation of Embroidery by Design. Fashion embroidery has always been the foundation of Embroidery by Design.  We understand the importance of replicating the image you want, especially in fashion items.

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a 'tailored' approach to our fashion services

At Embroidery by Design, we use a number of techniques within our fashion embroidery process, to generate a variety of different effects. Therefore with multiple options available to us, our approach is very flexible. We can ensure that we will embroider your fashion items in the way that you want, with your chosen designs. In order to really understand your vision for the products you have entrusted to us, we spend the time asking you questions and discussing your options of approaches we can take to get the style you want.

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Professional and understanding

With 21 years spent within the industry, we are able to offer you comprehensive and professional advice on your fashion garments. This may include getting you to consider options that you may not have been aware of before and what these would mean for your design, or just offering you our graceful opinion.



Applique embroidery

Extra large embroidery in Perivale and West London


Appliqué is one of our common embroidery techniques. To accomplish the appliqué effect, we stitch two or more different materials (these can by any of your choice) on top of the base fabric or garment. By doing this, we can develop stylish contrasts of material, without having too many stitches in a concentrated area.

By cutting down on a heavy stitch count, we can also use the appliqué technique to cover large areas of fabrics

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 panel embroidery



This is essentially embroidering a piece onto a base fabric; for example, a panel onto the front of a sweatshirt. It is a simplistic yet effective technique that is often used in the fashion industry, and another that we provide.

Many of these processes and techniques are not limited by fabrics! We are able to embroider onto a variety of materials, even crocodile skin!




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